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Principal's Message
At St Paul's, we support each individual student to develop academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally, in a caring and nurturing school environment.

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Welcome to our school! Take our virtual tour to see some of our classrooms, our library and school hall, our outdoor learning and play areas and more at St Paul's.

Our Catholic Identity and Parish
Our St Paul's students, staff & families express and give witness to our Catholic identity every day – including a strong connection with our St Paul's Parish community.
Caring for the Environment
At St Paul's, we take an active role in being stewards of the environment. Students participate in a range of initiatives that empower them to care for creation.

Our Staff

Meet our wonderful, dedicated team of teachers and support staff at St Paul's Camden.

Parish Priest: Father Michael Williams
Assistant Parish Priest: Father Joseph Pothenparimpil
Assistant Parish Priest: Father Anthony Crook
Principal: Mr Michael Reardon 

Assistant Principal: Mrs Sheereen Brunetta

Religious Education Coordinator and Pastoral Care & Wellbeing Leader: Mrs Maria Debrincat

Senior School Support Officer: Mrs Bronwyn Roberts
Middle Leaders:
Mrs Catherine Hatter (Early Stage 1, Mathematics, PB4L)
Mrs Andrea Martin (Year 6, Mathematics, ICLT)
Mrs Angela Mourinho (Year 1 & Year 2, Literacy Coach)
Mrs Kristin King (Year 5, SEMP, Science)
Mrs Julie Smith (Year 3 & Year 4, Instructional Coach)
Classroom Teachers:
Kindergarten Hope Teacher:
Mrs Rebecca Dawkins
Kindergarten Faith Teacher:
Mrs Sandra Proietti
Kindergarten Truth Teacher:
Miss Lydia Josef
Kindergarten Support Teacher: Mrs Amy Vella
Kindergarten PPT: Mrs Kerry Devine, Mrs Maria Debrincat & Mrs Kristy Fielding

Year 1 Hope Teacher: Miss Lisa Young
Year 1 Faith Teacher: 
Mrs Catherine Hatter
Year 1 Truth Teacher:
Miss Sarah Florio

Year 2 Hope Teacher: Miss Grace Marabello
Year 2 Faith Teacher:
Mrs Andrea Martin & Mrs Anglea Mourinho
Year 2 Truth Teacher: 
Mrs Julie Gallagher

Year 3 Hope Teacher: Mrs Kylie Booth
Year 3 Faith Teacher:
Mrs Ciara Marchant
Year 3 Truth Teacher:
Miss Rachel Daffara

Year 4 Hope Teacher: Mrs Rachel Sheahan
Year 4 Faith Teacher:
Mrs Joanne Buchanan
Year 4 Truth Teacher:
Miss Georgie Glover

Year 5 Hope Teacher: Mrs Alicia Failia
Year 5 Faith Teacher:
Mrs Lisa Alvaro
Year 5 Truth Teacher:
Mrs Rowena Lloyd

Year 6 Hope Teacher: Mr Kevin Robinson
Year 6 Faith Teacher:
Miss Kylie Xerri
Year 6 Truth Teacher:
Mrs Kristen King & Mrs Julie Smith
Tier 3 Learning Intervention:
Mrs Mel Waters (Mon – Thurs)
Mrs Kerry Devine (Tues – Wed & Thurs am)
History Teacher (PPT): Mrs Robyn Bielaczek
PE Teacher (PPT): Mrs Joanne Groot
Music & Drama Teacher (PPT): Mrs Maria Baric

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Christine Jaques (Mon – Thurs)

Sport Management & IT Support: Mrs Kristy Fielding (Wed & Thurs am)
School Support Officers:
Mrs Kim Mangiapane
Mrs Amanda Newcombe
Miss Rosie Larkin
Mrs Fiona Driver
Mrs Sharon Ferdinands
Mrs Stephanie Hardiman-Stone
Miss Karen Meek
Mrs Kaylene Moy
Sr Helen O’Connell
Mrs Natalie Poppleton
Mrs Leanne Taylor
Mrs Michelle Valente
School Counsellor: Mrs Jo Rogan (Mon – Wed)

To apply for any staff positions being advertised at St Paul's, visit the CEDoW Positions Vacant page.